Complaint Against Alvin Keels For Loan From Player

Section 3(B)(6) of the NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors states,

Contract Advisors are prohibited from:

Directly or indirectly borrowing money from any player (whether or not the player is a client), either by receiving the funds directly from the player or by the player providing collateral for or agreeing to guarantee a loan to the Contract Advisor by another party.

And according to Section 2(E) of the same Regulations, titled Suspension or Revocation of Certification,

At any time subsequent to granting Certification to a Contract Advisor, the NFLPA may, based upon information brought to its attention or acting on its own initiative, immediately…propose the suspension or revocation of such Certification…for conduct prohibited in Section 3(B)(1) through 3(B)(31).

Alvin Keels of Global Management Group will not have his certification revoked, but the NFLPA has issued a disciplinary complaint against the young and successful sports agent.  At issue is a $200,000 loan that he received from Madieu Williams, a safety with the Minnesota Vikings.  Keels did not receive the money directly from Williams (he received the stipend from a private equity firm called BluePrint, LLC).  Keels’ attorney, David Cornwell, claims that Keels did not have actual knowledge that BluePrint used NFL players’ money to fund its loans.  Will that play a role in the NFLPA’s disciplinary decision?

Keels will answer the complaint and the NFLPA will continue to investigate the matter.

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  • Elise Anderson

    In the course of researching why Kam Chancellor would be taking such an unintelligent and inflexible stand against the Seahawk management, I decided to look into his agent. Discovering this information makes sense of the theory that Mr Chancellor is receiving very bad advice. Advice that may be to the advantage of Mr Keels and NOT Mr Chancellor. Such a pity.