In June 2009, I was writing about Lon Rosen leaving William Morris Agency (WMA) to join Blue Entertainment Sports Television (BEST).  A long time ago, Rosen was hired by WMA to develop a sports marketing division.  One of his early clients was Magic Johnson.

Before signing with WMA, Rosen was with Endeavor Agency.  When WMA and Endeavor merged, Rosen was on his was out to BEST.

BEST named Rosen the company’s Executive Vice President (EVP).  Roughly a year later, Lagardere Unlimited, a large French talent-management company, purchased BEST.  And now, roughly a half-year after that, Rosen has once again made a change of employer.

Yesterday, Rosen sent a message to his friends and colleagues to inform them that he has joined Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) as an Executive Vice President (EVP).  The move makes sense, as Rosen has had a 30-year relationship with Magic, and Magic’s businesses seem to be doing quite well.