Mark Maren is the owner of Toronto, Ontario based M Sports Management, a sports agency specializing in negotiating contracts for its players in the Canadian Football League (CFL).  On his company’s Facebook page, Maren lists his current active CFL client list, which includes over 40 players, along with some Arena Football clientele.  Maren makes multiple statements on the Facebook page that would lead a casual observer to believe he is currently an NFLPA certified Contract Advisor; however, I cannot find any proof of him being registered with the NFLPA.

Anyway, Maren was arrested last week and placed in jail upon trying to enter the United States.  An outstanding warrant in Florida had charged Maren with “scheme to defraud.”  What will his 40+ clients do now that Maren, who has an extensive criminal record in Canada, is in jail in New York?  And how were so many football players not concerned with Maren’s background prior to him being booked in jail?