Ever type Q2 Sports & Entertainment into a LinkedIN search?  I doubt you have, but if you would like to see the results, click here.  195 results.  Quite a few of them have held a (self-employed) former position at Q2 with titles like Intern, Intern Manager, or Coordinator of some type of position.  195 results.

I would understand seeing those numbers from a search of Creative Artists Agency or IMG, but Q2?

In 2007, Todd Crannell, owner of Q2 Sports & Entertainment, left his job a Director of the Sports Division at Irene Marie Management Group to start Q2.  He has had fantastic work experience and has a great educational background.  He started off as a non-paid intern at Irene Marie, so you would figure that he would know the proper structure and operation of an agency internship program.

Interestingly, in his interview with Sports Agent Blog on January 21, 2008, the following exchange took place:

Does your agency provide internships for people looking to break into the industry? Are you looking to hire new agents?

Todd Crannell: We’re good for now, but we always will keep our doors open. Certainly if someone was interested I’d take a look, and at the very least keep things on file, because you never know when something might open up. We might all of a sudden need a lot of help on something, for example. It can happen that quickly, so I would encourage people to apply.

Have a lot of things opened up?  Because based on the amount of Q2 non-paid interns since the date of that interview, it seems like a lot of help has been needed.  On January 7, I received the following email from former Q2 intern, Ernest Firth.

Hello I think it would be good if you removed the Q2 Sports website from your internship page or edited it. The company has 1 full time employee and the rest are all internsTodd has at minimum 60 interns working for him & adds new ones dailyThe interns are doing the work that full time employees should be doing.

I started when he only had a handful of interns [July 2008] and handed him my good friend Glen Coffee who was his premier client & only NFL guy & he never put him on his website… To my knowledge he also doesn’t talk to Glen anymore with post career endeavors.

I started as an intern and was really enjoying it and gained valuable experience. He then offered me an opportunity to move into a project manager position in which I oversaw 25 interns on a weekly basis… This role began in January 2010 & I never had anymore contact with him regarding this position until Summer 2010 in which he asked why I wasn’t volunteering for any projects & my answer was because I was to be assigned a group of interns & I was never assigned any. I accepted this role mainly to get an inside look at what was going on & only worked in this position for a short time (what I thought was going on was proven)… He offered me an entertainment sales position in which I was contacting nightclubs for the entertainment clients. We would split the deals I negotiated 50/50 the database he gave me was obviously not reviewed over by him because it included strip clubs, hotels, hole in the wall bars which weren’t real opportunities for our clients… The internship is only a semester usually & I remained for 2 years

I also asked him to write & submit a letter of rec for grad school in which he had someone else write who he says writes his letters of rec & he never submitted it.

He sent me with Glen to the Rookie Premiere which was a tremendous experience & he gave me $500 which was half of my expenses out there. Although Glen & I have a personal relationship you send an intern to represent your company?

Another former Q2 intern wrote the following to me in an email on October 22, 2009:

I started working with Todd [Crannell] and we took on so many interns that it got a little out of control but that’s how things get done over there and it seems to work for him and the way he likes to operate.

Many former interns have come forward and expressed how displeased they were with their experience as Q2 interns.  And from someone who looks at resumes from individuals hoping to get internship experience with Dynasty, I can tell you that every time we read a resume that has Q2 listed under experience, I laugh.  I laugh because I can’t tell you how many applicants have listed Q2 Sports & Entertainment Intern on their resumes.  Dynasty’s Human Resources Director throws many of those resumes away immediately.  Other agents are also aware of the issue.  On July 24, 2010, Harold Bicknell tweeted, “Has anyone noticed there are a ton of people who interned for Q2 sports?”

Why am I writing this?  I don’t get any personal benefit out of publishing this post and Dynasty gains nothing at all from this becoming public.  Crannell has never done anything to me to make me write this out of vengeance.  I am doing it because I feel bad for young people who have a dream of entering the sports agent business and feel like they got cheated.  I have absolutely no grudges against Q2 or Todd Crannell, and while he may be displeased with me for writing this post, it would not have been written had I not received multiple messages from former interns.  One of the purposes of this website has been and will always be to reveal information about the sports agent business and make it much more transparent than it was prior to December 31, 2005.

And I believe that Crannell should be able to tell his side of the story as well.  He has been a hustler since high school, never the top of his class, but always pushing it to the limit to be the best amongst his peers.  He has good intentions with his internship program; he wants everyone interested in the world of sports agency to have the same opportunities that he created for himself (with the help of others).  For all the Q2 haters, there are certainly many interns who feel rewarded by their internship experiences with Crannell.  Thus, we will keep the Q2 internship information up on our Internships page.