Tomorrow, February 4th, many people in Dallas, TX will attend the Dallas Superbash 2011 Super Bowl Party hosted by Pamela Anderson.  The party is presented by NFL agency, Willis & Woy Sports Group, LLC.  While there will be plenty of partying and celebrating on site, when the event is over, Jordan Woy and Chad Willis will go back to negotiating contracts and securing sponsorships for their clients.  They will also focus on building their program titled, Life Beyond Football.

Life Beyond Football is a program that was developed to help football players make a successful transition from playing professionally to performing well in business off of the field.  A large component of Life Beyond Football is networking retreats, which allows football players to meet successful business professionals in a relaxed environment.

It is great to see an agency take an active role in the future success of its clients.  Many agents could care less about their clients after they retire from the sports they play, as the agents are not likely to earn any commissions at that point in time.  It is a very selfish attitude that unfortunately persists amongst many in the business.  We all know about the 80% of NFL players who are divorced, bankrupt, or out of work within 2 years of hanging up their cleats.  Agencies should follow the lead of Willis & Woy and do their best to aid their clients for life.