On Monday, we posted our 2011 Super Bowl Party/Event Primer, listing many of the popular parties and events taking place in Dallas, Texas surrounding this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.  While I have not left the friendly confines of the South Florida 75 degree weather, Sports Agent Blog has three excellent contributors on the ground in Texas covering the events for our website.  They are: Adam Rosenfield (@adamrosenfield), Elaine Steinfeld(@elainefrances), and Michelle Weinberg (@mushified).

Throughout the week and weekend, the three aforementioned contributors will be interviewing guests and hosts of the events, taking pictures and videos, and Tweeting content from @SportsAgentBlog.  Be sure to follow all the action on the Sports Agent Blog Twitter page and keep checking the website for updates.

Last night, the crew attended The Gala hosted by Tony and Janet Dorsett on behalf of The Ron Springs and Everson Walls Gift For Life Foundation at The Fashion Industry Gallery.  Guests included Tony and Janet Dorsett, The Black Eyed Peas, Staff of Jerry Mcguire, Leigh Steinberg, Alicia Landry (wife of Tom Landry), Earl Campbelle, Roger Staubach, Tim Brown, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and Drew Rosenhaus.

Our contributors were able to interview Everson Walls and Leigh Steinberg on video camera.  Note that it is tough to make out all of their words, due to the loud surrounding noise, so be sure to turn your volume up before playing them.  Walls talks about the event they are at and Steinberg plugs his event, which we will be attending this week as well.  At the end of his video, Steinberg throws in his advice to people interested in representing athletes.  Many thanks to Walls and Steinberg for the SAB shout-outs at the end.