On April 1, 2011, it was no joke when I posted a Tweet by Marcus Spears of Yahoo! Sports regarding a man named Jason Martin, who was being publicized as a sports agent, having a solid tie to The Morris twins of Kansas Basketball (Marcus and Markieff). The brothers are likely to be selected in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft.  That is even more the case, now that the twins have signed with an agent. That agent is Tony Dutt of Rival Sports Group LLC, a man that very few believed could be the person connected to Jason Martin. Yet, three days ago, prior to the news that the Morris twins had signed an agent and would officially be entering their names not the 2011 NBA Draft, I was told that the agent signed would be Dutt and that he was close with Martin.

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Through his apparent connection with Tony Dutt, we may start to get a better idea of who this mystery man Jason Martin actually is and what he does.  It is likely that Martin played a role in the Morris twins signing with Dutt.  Take a look at the Agent Selection Scenarios for Kansas Basketball.  There is a long list of recent Kansas Jayhawks basketball players who went on to have successful professional careers with the help of agents not named Tony Dutt.  In fact, his name is not listed as the agent of record for any of the players on that list.  While it is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities that a new name could appear based on his own recruiting, relationships, and merits, it obviously would help if that person had someone else in his corner, especially when recruiting a couple of first rounders.  Perhaps Jason Martin is that man.