Twitter Fight: Howard Shatsky vs. John Phillips

The New York Jets selected Kenrick Ellis in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft (pick #94 overall).  Ellis and his agent, Howard Shatsky of Pro Football Management had to be thrilled that the Jets selected him as high as they did.  But then the following Tweet was sent by’s Rich Cimini.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/RichCimini/status/64149650621480960″]

This set Shatsky off on a Tweeting spree, where he attacked Cimini for that particular Tweet.  In response, John Phillips of Breakthrough Sports Advisors, Tweeted,

[blackbirdpie url=”!/mybtsa/status/64714250769276929″]

And then Shatsky’s replies:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/ProFootballMgmt/status/64800710339985408″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/ProFootballMgmt/status/64801268358590464″]

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  • Duffys Mom

    Kenrick Ellis is tough on the field & will be a great player. He deserved to go in the 3rd round. Off the field, he is gentle & sweet human being.

  • John Phillips

    I think Kenrick deserved to go higher, but my point is unrelated to the player. I wish him much success and luck with his pending criminal issues (if he is innocent). He needs leadership like the rest of these young men. They need to be mentored into family-sustaining adults.

    I simply do not understand people in the professional world not leading by example. The “oh snap” and name calling is not proper for a gentleman nearing his 50’s. In fact, it is preposterous. Despite working for the NFLPA, Howard was reprimanded by the NFLPA ( I also know other agents have had plenty to say about him, although that is not germane to this post. The 78% bankruptcy rate, the massive disability rate, the mental health and suicide issues will not solve themselves. Those representing athletes should be more mature and focused than silly name calling.

    So, it isn’t a war. It was simply me stating an opinion and what appears to be a very insecure, immature series of retorts (that I had to be told about by one of my employees because he apparently has me blocked).

    Keep up the good work DH.

    • Unbiased_Truth

      “I simply do not understand people in the professional world not leading by example”

      You mean like editing the video of an interview with an SEC coach’s wife?  Thanks for following Harvey Updykes example and further making Alabama fans look bad.