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Product Review: Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones

The following post is a product review. While the Monster Miles David Trumpet High Performance In-Ear Headphones was provided to Sports Agent Blog free of charge in exchange for the review, the review itself was not influenced by any money or free merchandise and is the original opinion of the author. If you are interested in having your product reviewed on Sports Agent Blog, please Contact Us for more information.

I am an audiophile. It bothers me that my ears are shaped in a particular way that Apple’s in-ear headphones, along with most other companies’ in-ear headphones, do not fit in my ears. I may be able to slip them in for a minute before they slide out. I know that there are a lot of people who also struggle with in-ear headphones, however, I know that they prefer using headphones things that are more comfortable for the ears such as these B&W P9 headphones (you can check out this complete B&W P9 overview here). Or if you have big ears then you can get some extra large headphones here for big ears.

I have finally found in-ear headphones that not only stay in my ears, but also produce a great sound and are extremely stylish. The Monster Miles David Trumpet High Performance In-Ear Headphones truly brings together revolutionary design and revolutionary sound into an in-ear headphone, which is something I did not think was possible prior to receiving a review copy.

The Packaging

Upon tearing apart the wrapping, I was shocked to find a gorgeous blue felt box with the words “Miles Davis Tribute” along with a logo of Miles Davis playing the trumpet emblazoned on the front. This logo appears all over the items included in the package, which helps distinguish the product from the competition (although the design of the headphones and its accessories already separate the product from others on the market). Monster spared no expense in putting together its blue felt box. It also easily latches shut to protect its inner contents, which are the goods that really make the product worth every penny that it sells for.

The Headphones

When it comes to comfort, I have never been able to find anything close to studio headphones. However, while studio headphones are good in the house or in the office, they are not optimal devices to use while in motion at the gym, running, or even on-the-go heading from place to place (i.e. an airport). With the Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones, you get studio headphones sound with an in-ear headphone design. These headphones are certainly worthy of use in the home and office, along with the gym and anywhere else you may be headed.

The headphones are almost entirely covered in blue, sticking with the general theme of the packaging and accessories (which will be discussed later). The royal blue color certainly stands out and will cause people to ask you what kind of headphones you are wearing. These headphones are all about attention to detail. The earbuds have Miles Davis’ signature and resemble mini-trumpet mouthpieces. Not far from the earbuds lies a small device that appears to be three keys on a trumpet. The outside keys control the volume and the inside key allows you to pause the music. This is a rather convenient function, as you do not have to take out the earbuds to speak to someone; you can just press the pause button and then resume your music listening experience once your conversation finishes. I tested the pause button with an Android phone, and it works like a charm. The volume buttons appear to only work with Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iTouch). Even the piece that plugs into your sound system bears the unique Miles Davis branding. These headphones are an ear blessing, but also are extremely stylish.

Then there are the earbuds themselves. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have very particular ears that never can quite find that right fitting in-ear headphones. In fact, when I first tried the Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones, I feared that this product would be no different. However, I soon came to realize that the headphones are all about custom user experience. The headphones come with no less than 10 different pairs of earbuds in various shapes and sizes. While the first size did not fit properly, by about the third try I found a pair that just snuggled into my ears and had no desire to slip out. This is extremely important to me, since no matter how good the sound of the speakers may be (and the sound is fantastic), the headphones have to fit my ear. Monster did a great job tailoring its product to the consumer by providing different options.

The Accessories

It is easy to be blown away by the sound and style of the Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones. Once you see the accessories, you will be even more impressed. The headphones come with two storage units: 1) A small blue pouch that reminds you that you own “The Ultimate Jazz Experience Headphone,” and that “Life’s Too Short to Listen to Bad Headphones,” and 2) A slightly larger, sturdier case that almost resembles a small envelope, but also looks to be just smaller than a cell phone case. Both accessories are painted in the same royal blue that is a hallmark of the headphones, along with the Miles Davis logo and Miles Davis’ signature. Monster’s logo is also featured on both items.

Another accessory provided by Monster Music is Miles Davis’ “Sketches of Spain” music CD, which is praised as a masterpiece of mood and flamenco flavors from Miles Davis. I have not yet had the opportunity to pop the CD into my computer to play it, but I certainly will in the near future.


I am extremely pleased with the Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones. The headphones are the answer to sub-par in-ear headphones produced by too many companies. While one concern that some people may have is the price tag ($329.95 on, you certainly get what you pay for. With the holidays coming up, I think that these headphones would be a very nice purchase for athlete clients.

By Darren Heitner

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