East Carolina QB Dominique Davis Signs With Adisa Bakari

Dominique Davis out of East Carolina will be a quarterback taken in the 2012 NFL Draft that many people will say, “huh?”  But they should know better.  Davis is originally from Lakeland, Florida; the home of many talented athletes.  Davis was the quarterback at ECU who had formerly played for Boston College before transferring to Fort Scott Community College, and then ending up at his most recent destination, ECU.  He originally left Boston College after being suspended for academic reasons.

One reason you may have heard Davis’ name is because this year he tied the NCAA record for most consecutive completions in one game.  The 6’4, 198lb quarterback is a hell of a player, and the nominators for the Manning Award, Maxwell Award, and Davey O’Brien Award have certainly taken notice.  So have many agents.  But Davis has already decided who he will be represented by for the 2012 NFL Draft, and that man is Adisa Bakari of Dow Lohnes Sports.

Bakari is also representing Davin Meggett in the 2012 NFL Draft.


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  • Brian

    I only saw him play once, against Houston. He had 3 interceptions, no tds, 169 yards, sacked 3 times. I don’t understand how he is the highest ranked QB out of CUSA. Any QB with academic problems is a big gamble too, he doesn’t have the skills of a Michael Vick to not study long hours in the NFL.