On December 14, 2011, I announced the creation of a brand new sports agency named, Symmetry.  The company is led by  former with National Sports Management attorney-agent, Mook Williams, along with Brian McLaughlin, who also used to work at National Sports Management.  The day that Symmetry opened its doors to the public, it also revealed that it signed and had begun training its first clients – Buffalo WR Marcus Rivers.  In little time, Symmetry has added another client, and he comes from much warmer weather.

Wake Forest free safety Josh Bush has committed to Mook and Symmetry.

Some people are calling the 2011 season the most successful losing season in Wake Forest history.  The praise is largely due to the talented players on Wake’s roster, including Josh Bush.  Bush had 6 interceptions on the year (2 against Notre Dame). He only started in 16 games prior to the 2011 season and came into this past season with only 1 interception recorded.  2011 was certainly his “coming out” year.  Symmetry hopes that Bush will continue to build on his hype and make teams interested in Bush prior to the 2012 NFL Draft.

UPDATE (3:13 pm 1/4/12):  I just received a message from Mook Williams, which states that Josh had a change of heart once multiple agents contacted him after his bowl game.  He ultimately decided to switch to one of those agents.  “Although I have in my possession a fully-executed NFL SRA with Josh Bush, I will not be filing it with the NFLPA,” said Williams.  He went on to say, “Josh was a referred to us by someone who we and Josh highly respect, but it has become apparent during the past week that we are not a good match for Josh, and vice versa.  We wish Josh the best of luck in his future football career.”

A rookie cannot terminate an NFL SRA before 30 days expire, prior to 30 days out from the NFL Draft.