A Boston College Kid Waiting For His Break Into Athlete Management

The following is a guest contribution from Josh Mastracci, a junior at Boston College and agent assistant to Storm Kirschenbaum of Metis Sports Management in Birmingham, Michigan.

There is not much to do on Boston College’s campus for a student waiting to break into the athlete management industry. As an economics major, I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to take one of only two sports courses offered, the fabled Sports Economics, only to find out the course had been cancelled before I ever had the opportunity to enroll. The school year has become an off-season of maintaining grades and sending out applications to powerhouse firms, looking to build upon an opportunity first made possible by a rapidly growing firm in Birmingham, Michigan.

My mentor, Storm Kirschenbaum, who founded his baseball and football representation agency Metis Sports Management almost five years ago, gave me the opportunity this past summer to work beside him as an agent assistant. It was my first opportunity in athlete management, and while other agencies told me I was too young, he offered me an opportunity usually reserved for graduates.

The hire provided me with an unbelievable opportunity: learning the art of negotiation by sitting in on calls with some of baseball’s most respected general managers and big names in football’s front offices. Working closely beside an active agent also allowed me to get a better understanding for the balance agents maintain between marketing current clients and courting those they covet. Most importantly, I found myself heavily involved in every step of the process. Whether I was pumping research into recruiting packets on prospective clients or piecing together client marketing video packages, I began to understand how passionate I am about athlete management.

After the NFL lockout was resolved, I spent an afternoon taking notes as members of the NFLPA Board of Directors laid out the finer points of their newly ratified CBA over a conference call. I actually enjoyed meticulously working through the three hundred page agreement because the resolution of the lockout brought back something that seemingly lay dormant all summer, football business. Packets laden with information regarding the agency’s football free agents were stamped and addressed to every team’s front office as anticipation of the free agency window opening built, but penciled in that same week was my trip back to school for the new semester.

So as I wait out the eight-month off-season in Boston, I find myself looking for law schools with successful sports law programs and booking tickets for the Sports Analytics Conference hosted by ESPN downtown in March. Anxious to get back into the game I appreciate the opportunity to write about my experiences. Until next time be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    This Mastracci kid sounds very driven and it seems like he’s on a path towards success. I anticipate big things in his future.

  • Great article Josh.  I too, was given a great opportunity to break into the field of athlete representation by Ed Hitchcock of Hitchcock Sports Management in St. Paul, MN.  I’ve been with them since last May and it has been such an eye-opening and valuable experience filled with real duties, projects, and tasks that, I believe, has given me a great jumping-off point to really make a splash in the area of athlete management.  I wish you the best of luck in the future, and I’ll find you on Twitter and maybe we can stay in touch!

  • Emathis

    Like Josh, I am pursuing a career in athlete representation and looking to network with individuals who are currently in the field or who are currently pursuing this career path as well.  My knowledge is in baseball as an ex-collegiate baseball player who is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  My name is Erik Mathis.  Email is emathis@kent.edu or Twitter is Hot_Corner32.  Thanks