I am just a little bit obsessed with Twitter.  Truthfully, all sports agents should be attached to the social media service, as well as competitors such as Facebook.  I do not know of many athletes who are not active on Twitter and/or Facebook.  Thus, agents need to be active in monitoring their clients’ activities on those networks.

Recently I received a press release from a company called “The Big Fat Mouth,” introducing a new division titled, “Social Media Coach for Athletes” (SMCA).  From the press release:

In today’s sports world, athletes are coached in every aspect of their game, including position skills, speed, strength, conditioning, agility, nutrition, sports psychology and more.  Beginning at the college level athletes are coached on how to answer questions from press and news media, but very few are coached on how to responsibly use social media, not to mention on how to use it to build their brand and future opportunities.  With SMCA’s programs and proper coaching, professional athletes can not only enhance their brand image,  but significantly enhance their income and future earning potential.

But how will athletes be coached?

SMCA provides live or Skype one-on-one training, live seminars, team and organization training and guidelines, with online training options becoming available before the end of May.  Each live training package is customized to the individual athlete where goals are identified and a specific strategy and game plan are created, exactly like every other aspect of an athletes training regimen.

The concept looks like it has potential.  I look forward to giving the training a try once it becomes available later this month.