NFLPA Re-certifies Agents; Announces New Standard Representation Agreements

Yesterday, the NFL Players Association sent an email to all NFLPA Contract Advisors informing them of whether they are now fully certified by the Association and advising that at some time in the future, Contract Advisors will be using new Standard Representation Agreements (SRA) with their NFL (and potential NFL) clients.

In early March 2011, the NFLPA decertified in an effort to file an antitrust action (amongst other stated reasons) against the NFL after the NFL locked out its players.  Upon decertification of the Association, all Contract Advisors lost such status; the NFLPA was no longer regulating agents that represented football players.  Upon the re-establishment of the NFLPA as a union (as opposed to the trade association it claimed to be for a period of time), the NFLPA provided “temporary certification” to all agents who were certified as Contract Advisors prior to the decertification of the Association.  Only now (after a background investigation) are agents sure as to whether that temporary certification has turned into permanent certification or not.

The NFLPA also mentioned that they are in the process of printing revised SRAs.  However, in the meantime, Contract Advisors may continue to use the SRA dated 03/07 until you they advised that a supply of new SRAs have been mailed to them, along with instructions for completing the SRAs properly.

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