Sunday night is the start of the New Year for my fellow Jews.  Happy Rosh Hashanah to those who will be celebrating.  There is not much to celebrate when it comes to South Florida sports.  The Dolphins were destroyed by the Texans, the Marlins season cannot end soon enough, and the Miami Hurricanes got shellacked by Kansas State (it’s a good thing I’m a Gators fan).  At least basketball will soon resume, and South Florida will have something to cheer about.  Interestingly, LeBron James recently dropped his agent (Leon Rose of CAA) and will hire his childhood friend Rich Paul.  This past week, I wrote the following articles for 1) Could Lance Thomas’ $100,000 Worth Of “Bling” Cause Duke To Vacate Its 2010 Ring?; 2) Quarterback Vince Young Claims Athlete Lending Company Pro Player Funding Engaged In Fraud; 3) Has Tyler Hansbrough’s Mother Put The University Of North Carolina At Risk For NCAA Sanctions?; and 4) Will NHL Players Fall Prey To Predatory Lockout Loans As Collective Bargaining Talks Linger?  Thanks to Yahoo! Sports for the kind words on my NHL article.  Here are some recent stories I failed to cover:



Sports Business

  • Running a sports team is compared to being a movie star. “The odds are long, and there are so many people out there who want to do it.” [When I grow up]