Baseball games are becoming exciting, the NFL progresses toward the middle of the regular season, and basketball is about to start.  This is always a great time of year for sports fans.  Unfortunately, the NHL and NHLPA have not yet come to terms on a new deal, the players remain locked out, and games are being missed.  So while the offering of sports is very strong, it is not without blemishes.  I published the following on this week: 1) New Peer-To-Peer Sports Betting App Says “Screw The Bookie, Bet Your Friends”; and 2) United Football League Late With Payments, But Owners Providing Personal Guarantees.  I will be very busy over the next week preparing for a big trial set to begin on October 22.  Click here for a brief summary regarding the facts of the case.  As for the stories I failed to cover this past week: