The Arena Football League (AFL) and Beyond Sports Network (BSN) have teamed up to create an exclusive combine system for potential AFL athletes.  The combine system will consist of regional workouts around the United States with combine tests and position-specific drills, and allows athletes to receive film from the event, which will be shared with every AFL team, coach, scout and general manager.

“This is a very exciting partnership between the AFL and BSN,” said AFL Director of Football Operations Joe Kleinsmith. “These AFL combines will present athletes an opportunity for national exposure. They could be the beginning of many AFL careers.”

“I personally have had the incredible good fortune to play for a major college program at Virginia Tech,” said BSN CEO Jimmy Kibble. “After college I had the opportunity to play in the NFL, NFL Europe, AFL, and af2. I know from personal experience the difficulties in trying to gain the exposure and recognition in order to get to the professional level. These combines are designed to give players the maximum exposure to all AFL teams.”

The first combine will be held on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at the One Touch Soccer Facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Athletes interested in attending can visit the BSN College Network to create a player profile or email the BSN Staff.