This month, the United Football League (UFL) announced that it was ending its season prematurely, but that it plans to return in 2013.  While I am not one to deter others from being optimistic, I just do not see the league making a triumphant return.

A couple of days ago I was asked, “What will it take to get the UFL on more solid ground?”  The obvious answer is, “a lot,” but one glaring issue is the legal troubles that the UFL is facing.

Scott Andresen of Andresen & Associates, P.C. put together a list of UFL legal battles initiates prior to October 15.  The list is embedded at the bottom of this article.  The sheer number of lawsuits filed against the UFL should serve as a cause for concern.  Additionally, so many of the actions are based on the UFL’s failure to pay amounts of money due.  And don’t forget that former UFL coach Marty Schottenheimer is now suing UFL founder Bill Hambrecht for $2.3 million owed, which was alleged to have been personally guaranteed.

UFL Litigation Prior to 10 15 12