Dec 10, 2011; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines guard Josh Bartelstein (20) before the game against the Oakland Golden Grizzlies at The Palace. Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Presidential election.  No matter the party you are registered with nor the presidential candidate you voted for, it is important that you let your voice be heard by submitting a ballot.  And hopefully, no matter if the candidate(s) you voted for won or not, you woke up Wednesday morning with an appreciation for America and our system of governance.  One last note – my State of Florida seriously needs to get its act together.  I am tired of Florida being the laughingstock of America when it comes to elections.  Now on to more important matters.  Here are this week’s Forbes articles: (1) Reebok-CCM Hockey Takes Aim At Competitor For “False Helmet Safety Claims”; (2) Mix Together Fantasy Sports, The Stock Market, Las Vegas…And Brag About It; and (3) Running Back Ray Rice Plans For The Future; Invests In Sports Training System.  And here are some more links for your enjoyment:




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