Last night’s loss to the New York Knicks hurt quite a bit, and I know I am going to be hearing about it all day from select clients.  Just remember – it’s only December.  What are your thoughts on the Israeli basketball team that suspended its captain for calling another player a Nazi?  I have a Nike Florida Gators yarmulke, which gives me some cred in the synagogue.  But how about wearing a yarmulke on the basketball court?  My Forbes articles this week are as follows: (1) Does David Stern’s $250,000 Fine Against The Spurs Jeopardize The Integrity Of The NBA?; (2) Louisville Slugger Has A Gem With New myEvolution Custom Glove; and (3) Gold Medal Skier Julia Mancuso Partners With Koss To Promote Headphones For Active Women.  And here are some stories I failed to write about over the past week: