Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (12/14/2012)

youkilisHow can you not love Kevin Youkilis?  The guy is not built like many lean, strong baseball players of today, yet he still is an amazing contributor on the field.  And he’s Jewish.  Published in NY Bar.  I am thrilled to be published again in the New York State Bar Association Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Journal as co-author of an article titled, “Social Media and Litigation: A Marriage Made in Hyperspace.”  The article is not yet on the internet.  This week on Forbes, I wrote the following: (1) Lawsuit Against MLB And NHL Asks: Is It Anti-Competitive To Divide Live Game Broadcasts Into Exclusive Territories?; (2) Adrian Peterson Picks Up A $1 Million Bonus On Path To 2,000 Yards; (3) Nike Chairman Phil Knight And His Wife Give $125 Million Gift To Advance Cardiovascular Health; (4) Saints’ Bounty Penalties Vacated By Paul Tagliabue; and (5) Congressional Hearing Focuses On Delay Of HGH Testing In The NFL. And here are some stories I failed to cover in the past week:


Sports Law


College Sports

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