barry bondsThe first full week of 2013 has come to a close; hopefully some of you have maintained your New Year’s Resolutions.  I had a great time covering the BCS National Championship Game for, even if it was not exactly the most exciting match-up in the history of the BCS.  Speaking of Forbes, here are some (quite a few) stories I recently published on the website: (1) Next Generation “Autograph” Company Continues Expansion With New NBA Partnership; (2) Big Dip In Notre Dame vs. Alabama Ticket Prices Demonstrates A Weak BCS Secondary Market; (3) Falcons And 49ers Lead NFL Teams In Number Of Players Selected To USA Football’s 2012 All-Fundamentals Team; (4) Add Television As A Winner Of 2013 BCS National Championship Game; (5) Did MLB Overpay By Spending $1.2 Million For; (6) Should Hall Of Fame Voters Have Considered Whether “Steroid Era” Rejuvenated Baseball?; and (7) Brand Affinity Technologies Brings Its Success In Sports To The Consumer Electronics Show And as always, the weekly wrap-up: