Thanks to Ben Sturner of Leverage Agency for this kick ass Challahgram.
Thanks to Ben Sturner of Leverage Agency for this amazing Challahgram.

Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong were still topics of conversation this week, and then the NCAA had to come in and stir the pot.  Now, the talk of the town is what went wrong in the investigation of former University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro.  I am happy to announce that I was named a Partner of my law firm, Wolfe Law Miami, this week, and continue to enjoy the legal services I provide to my clients.  This past week, I wrote the following on (1) The Benefits Of A Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Showdown; (2) Livestrong’s Challenges As A Consequence Of Lance Armstrong’s Confession; (3) Harbaugh Brothers Super Bowl Introduces Incredible Opportunity For Brands; (4) What Is The Cost Of Crowdsourcing Super Bowl Ads?; (5) How NFL Draft Prospects Build Their Personal Brands; and (6) Study To Focus On The Financially Healthy Athlete.  And, as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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