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Product Review: Munitio SV Bronze Mobile Performance Earphones

The following Product Review is courtesy of Allen Kronenberger, a 3rd year law student and Music Business Masters student at the University of Miami.

The SV earphones carry a brand new aesthetic design, but deliver all of the hard-hitting, high-impact sound MUNITIO is known for.
The SV earphones carry a brand new aesthetic design, but deliver all of the hard-hitting, high-impact sound MUNITIO is known for.

When Darren first called me into his office, I assumed he was going to criticize my work, throw it in my face, and proceed to smash everything in his office (If any companies would like the durability of their products reviewed, send it to the Sports Agent Blog).  Instead, he gave me the welcome task of testing the Munitio SV Performance Earphones.  Being a musician myself, I have a pretty good idea of how music should sound. So this assignment definitely excited me.

The first thing I noticed was they look expensive.  The Munitio SVs are in-ear headphones that have a sleek, modern design.  Nothing too flashy, but the look says they mean business.  The SVs Munitio supplied to Sports Agent Blog are a bronze on black design; however, the SV earphones are also available in black on black, and gray on black.  The inner-ear insert is a translucent white silicone material, and the earphones have a black, tangle-free ribbon cable.  I probably waste five minutes everyday untangling my Apple headphone cables, so the SVs are already an upgrade.

Further, the cable has the now-standard control buttons.  It works well with my Apple products and I can control the volume, pause/play the music, and call Siri (we hadn’t spoken in a while, so I did my best to keep the conversation casual).  Personally, I like the modern look of the SV earphones and the functionality of the ribbon cable.

So how do they perform?  Pretty well.  The sound quality is excellent. The lyrics, even the often-unintelligible lyrics of scremo or post-hardcore music, were extremely clear.  The highs were sharp and crisp, and the lows were distinct and robust.  I was particularly impressed with the bass.  Often headphones have a difficult time producing bass at the correct balance.  Either the bass cannot be heard, or is too overpowering; however, the bass on the SVs is just right.  The bass creates a great foundation with its volume and power without dominating the rest of the music.

The SVs also do a good job at sound isolation.  It is not quite sound cancellation  but if you want to rock out to your favorite guilty pleasure on the metro without the rest of the train listening, or you want to block out the traffic ten feet behind you at Starbucks, then these earphones will work for you (they do not, however, block out the revving motorcycle of the asshole behind you).  Between the sound isolation and the sound quality, the SV earphones were like listening to an excellent stereo system in a soundproof room or car.

My only complaint is the comfort.  There is a slight discomfort from pushing them into my inner ear.  However, when you buy the Munitio SVs, they come with small, medium, and large interchangeable silicone points to the earphone.  The different size options should help relieve this discomfort for most consumers.


The difference in the sound between the Munitio SVs and the Apple earphones was substantial.  The impact moments in songs hit really hard, and I heard more details in the melodies than with the Apple earphones.  I am glad I managed to get a few extra days with the earphones, and am sad to return them. The SVs run for $129.99, which is not unreasonable for headphones these days.  Getting a pair of quality headphones like the SVs has substantially climbed my list of items to be purchased, and if you are looking for some full, well-balanced, quality sound, then the you should consider the Munitio SV: Performance Earphones.

By Darren Heitner

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I’m a huge Munitio fan. I have owned every pair they have ever put out.. The original ones the siti are the BEST headphones EVER made. The look and sound are untouchable.. The Nines are a step down but still way above anything out today.. Now these SVs are ok actually I was alittle disappointed just cause I’m use to Munitios greatness but overall are pretty good to use in ur iPhone or jack box.. Nice

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