QB Geno Smith, represented by Select Sports Group, is projected to be a first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
QB Geno Smith and Jay-Z continue to be the talk of the sports agent industry. Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Looking forward to heading up to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the first time ever to be a part of the Sports Law for Rookies and Veterans event.  It will be fun to meet new people and see some old friends including Steve Silton, Blake Baratz and my Miami neighbor, Claire Zovko.  I just hope that the NBA Finals do not go 7 games, or else I will hate myself for missing out on watching the deciding game in-person.  This week on FORBES: (1) Scott Boras Dominates Day 1 Of MLB Draft, Advising Mark Appel And Kris Bryant; (2) Kevin Durant Switching To Jay-Z Is A Powerful Public Service Announcement; (3) Tim Tebow To The New England Patriots; (4) Gatorade Goes Big During NBA Finals; (5) New York Jets Antonio Cromartie Fixes Finances With Help Of Business Manager; (6) Under Armour Extends Baltimore Ravens Relationship With Matt Elam Endorsement.  As always, the weekly wrap-up:



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