New issue of Harvard Law School’s Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law is focused on baseball law-related issues.

The Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law (JSEL) has recently the release of its new issue: Volume 4, Number 1.  It includes the following baseball-specific articles:

  • Who Exempted Baseball, Anyway? The Curious Development of the Antitrust Exemption That Never Was by Mitchell Nathanson;
  • Touching Baseball’s Untouchables: The Effects of Collective Bargaining on Minor League Baseball Players by Garrett R. Broshuis; and
  • Baseball Arbitration: An ADR Success by Jeff Monhait

The Journal is published semiannually by Harvard Law School students.  Submissions should not exceed 25,000 words, including footnotes.  The JSEL strongly prefers electronic submissions through the ExpressO online submission system at  Submissions may also be sent via email to

I had an article published in JSEL a couple of years ago in its Volume 2, Number 2 issue.  The title of the article is, Corking The Cam Newton Loophole, A Sweeping Suggestion.  I found the Editorial Board to be very professional and diligent in the process of editing the manuscript prior to its finished product.