Last week, The Big Lead learned that the NCAA opened an investigation into UNC-Chapel Hill guard PJ Hairston.  Specifically, an apparent relationship between Hairston and basketball agent Rodney Blackstock is under question.  The Big Lead included a GIF of Blackstock saluting Hairston at a basketball game.  Not quite sure what that proves other than the fact that the two know each other.


The Big Lead reports that Blackstock is certified by the National Basketball Players Association.  To my knowledge, he does not currently represent any active NBA players.  However, that will change once his client and former Kansas guard Ben McLemore is drafted tomorrow evening.

Blackstock’s name should be familiar, since he was the focus of a May 17, 2013 USA TODAY article concerning his relationship with Kansas guard Ben McLemore.  In the article, McLemore confirmed his relationship with Blackstock, who was involved in vetting sports agents and financial advisors for the superstar who will soon be a lottery pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.  However, McLemore said he was unaware of any payments made by Blackstock to third parties, including McLemore’s former AAU coach in the amount of $10,000.

McLemore said the following: “He (Blackstock) helped me a lot, and you know, like I said, I’ve been through a lot so far and he been there trying to help me, you know, get through this process.”

Now the NCAA may be interested to see if Blackstock has also been assisting Hairston, and if so, whether any impermissible benefits were received by Hairston due to a relationship between the player and Blackstock. currently projects Hairston to be a mid-first round pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.