NC State Distributes Modest Agent Warning Letter

The latest “agent warning letter” is brought to you by the Office of General Counsel at NC State University and delivered via mail to individuals registered as Athlete Agents with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office.

The letter informs agents that NC State has formed a Professional Sports Counseling Panel and requests that if agents wish to speak to a student-athlete that they make such contact through the Panel chairperson and NC State’s Deputy General Counsel.

One football agent describes the letter as “quite modest compared to many of the others.”  It reiterates certain NCAA regulations and Uniform Athlete Agent Act provisions that most agents should be familiar with.

The letter is embedded, below.

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  • JamesCurle

    So is “modest” bad? Not firm enough? Where’s the story here?

    By “requesting” agents take such action, we’re just being polite is all. 🙂

    • No dog in the fight, but I personally prefer the modesty and understanding that the university can’t do much more than make a simple request.