Drew Brees is raking in the money as the top earning NFL player (on and off the field).

The NFL season awaits, which means fantasy football is revving up.  I have my fantasy league draft this Sunday.  With the last pick in the first round, it is tough to plan out how it will all go down.  Anyway, this week on FORBES: (1) Albert Pujols Defends Clean Reputation By Threatening Legal Action Against Radio Host; (2) FOX Sports 1 Takes On ESPN With Unique Talent That Includes Clay Travis; (3) FOX Sports 1 Needs A Crowd To Achieve Success With ‘Crowd Goes Wild’; (4) Questions Concerning Copyright Of Athlete Tattoos Has Companies Scrambling; and (5) Platform Connecting Die-Hard Sports Fans With Local Beat Writers Receives $1 Million Investment.  And as always, the weekly wrap-up:





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