Patrick Patterson
Patrick Patterson was once a client of Odell McCants. He is now with Excel Sports Management.

Roughly a week ago, I was told by an inside source (and Tweeted) that Sacramento Kings forward Patrick Patterson was leaving his agent to hire Sam Goldfeder of Excel Sports Management.  I contacted Patterson’s agent Odell McCants of Capitol Sports Management LLC to confirm, but received no response.  However, it is now official that Patterson is no longer with McCants and will be represented by Goldfeder in the future.

In 2010, I interviewed McCants for this website just as McCants was entering the sports agent profession.  Patterson happened to be McCants’ first professional basketball client.  From the interview:

Heitner: What is something special about Patrick Patterson that most people don’t yet know?  It can be something off-the-court.

McCants: First, he is truly the honorable person that he is known to be.  What you see and what he is known as is the real Patrick.  What people may not know is he’s a follower of technology and is a huge movie fan.

Agents are always very high on their clients’ personalities and trustworthiness while they remain clients.  I imagine McCants thinks differently of Patterson now that he is on to the next one.