Minneapolis, Minnesota-based The Institute for Athletes has hired Steve Hutchinson to become an executive at the football agency.

Former NFL offensive lineman Steve Hutchinson was represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) when he played professional football.  Hutchinson was a first round selection of the Seattle Seahawks in the 2001 NFL Draft.  He played for the Seahawks, Vikings and Titans before calling it quits in 2012.

Now Hutchinson enters the world of sports agency after getting a good idea of what it entailed while playing professionally for many years.  However, he is not joining the agency that represented him over his career.  Instead, Hutchinson has agreed to become an executive of Blake Baratz’s Minneapolis, Minnesota-based The Institute for Athletes (The IFA).


“Looking back, I was lucky to play with veteran offensive lineman during my first couple of years in Seattle who taught me how to become professional,” said Hutchinson.  “These guys were not handed anything, had no sense of entitlement, and worked hard for every opportunity and every dollar that they earned.  I carried these sentiments with me throughout my entire career, whether as a captain in the locker room or at the bargaining table as NFL Players Association representative.  I have learned the business of being a professional football player inside and out over these past twelve years, and I consider it to be a tremendous blessing to have the opportunity to help past the torch to the next generation of players.”