I will be heading from Miami to New York this Wednesday for what should be a cold, but exciting Super Bowl week and weekend.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying to organize and plan for all of the events that take place prior to the big game.  It is always enjoyable to meet new people, see friends and colleagues, and the absolute best is when I am able to finally introduce myself to someone who is a reader of Sports Agent Blog and/or my column at Forbes.

My schedule is almost set for the week; however, it is bound to change day-to-day.  The following is what I have planned (ignore the stated temperatures, as they indicate what is expected to be felt in sunny South Florida).  I also do not plan on going to the Miami Heat game in New York.  We all know what the outcome of that game is going to be, anyway.

Be sure to let me know if we may be bumping into each other at any of the events listed below.  Stay warm!

super bowl week

P.S. – for whatever reason, my Google calendar likes to repeat events for the next day if the event that begins the prior day goes beyond midnight.  So go ahead and ignore that (i.e. the EA Sports Bud Light Hotel event is Thursday from 6pm – 2am, but does not repeat on Friday night).