Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (4/4/2014)

Mike Trout will be making big money, but Scott Boras is not willing to compare Bryce Harper to the stud on the Angels.

I am back in the town where a lot of magic went down — Gainesville, Florida.  Today marks the return of the UF Sports Law Symposium, where I will be moderating one panel and also serving as a Keynote Speaker.  It is a joy to return to the town where I spent 7 amazing years as both an undergraduate and law student.  Wednesday was a pretty wild day after breaking the contract details for DeSean Jackson’s new contract with the Washington Redskins.  I got a nice taste of what journalists often complain about — outlets not giving credit when credit is due.  Oh well.  This week on FORBES: (1) Denver Broncos Tight End Julius Thomas Teams With Marketing And Digital Agency; (2) Money Extremely Limited For College Seniors Seeking To Play Professional Baseball; (3) New Sports Agency Emerges By Acquiring Existing Practices With Great Stealth; (4) DeSean Jackson Signs 3 Year, $24 Million Contract With Washington Redskins; (5) What Tiger Woods’ Absence From The Masters Means For Nike; and (6) MGT’s Empire Expands Through Acquisition Of Daily Fantasy Sports Site DraftDay.  And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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  • James

    I like Arn Tellem’s comments in that Bloomberg video re: Jay Z. There’s always going to be competition in the sports representation industry. Jay Z just happens to be getting so much attention and criticism because of who he is as a brand. W/ the exception of Robbie Cano’s new deal, he hasn’t made any moves except signing clients. Despite the entrepreneurial spirit behind it, he’s taking the easy way in by partnering w/ clients who are already established in terms of contract/market value, endorsement deals, etc.

    I’d like to see what Roc Nation does w/ a true rookie in the 2 upcoming drafts.