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Six Questions With Travis King, Basketball Agent At Relativity Sports

Travis King
Travis King

Lawrence Travis King began his career in professional sports by accepting a position to become the Director of Player Personnel for Immortal Sports and Entertainment in 2004.  In 2006, Travis was promoted to the Vice President of Basketball Operations.  

After a successful run with Immortal Sports, Travis joined the Relativity Sports team in 2009.  In his current role as a NBPA Player Agent, Travis is involved in all aspects of client representation with a particular focus in the pre-draft process, contract negotiation and marketing.  He had two clients drafted in the 2014 NBA Draft (Duke’s Rodney Hood and Tennessee’s Jarnell Stokes).  Travis received his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Barry University.  Connect with him on Twitter.

1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a sports agent?  How did you know the sports agency route was the right career path for you? 

Honestly, I’ve wanted to be a sports agent since I was in college.  I played basketball at an HBCU (Southern University) and realized that I would never make it to the NBA as a player.  A sports agent always seemed like the next best thing to remain connected to my dream.  I knew that pursuing a career in sports management was the right path because of the relationships that I built during my 15 years of coaching in the AAU and Nike Grassroots Program.

2) Granted, no two days are the same when working in the sports agency industry.  With that said, how do you spend any given work day? What types of projects, tasks and jobs are you working on?

I start everyday in prayer at 6am. Then it’s straight to emails, check the game statistics of all clients, calls to European clients and then off to the gym.  After my workout, I try to get into the office around 9am.  Then it’s off to the races with phone calls, emails, meetings, reviewing business proposals, watching European games on my computer and then I finish the day by attending either a high school, college or NBA game (at least 4 days a week).

3) How have you utilized social media in your role as an agent?

I like to promote my clients’ achievements, events and various business endeavors.  I also like to use Instagram and Twitter to try to motivate and inspire people through a small glimpse of my personal life.

4) What is the most difficult part about being a NBPA Certified Contract Advisor? 

The most difficult part to me is the non-stop travel schedule. I have four children and one due in December (my first boy after 4 girls).  I can never replace the time that I have lost from being away from my wife and children. Luckily, they support me 110% and FaceTime was invented.

5) From viewing your Twitter account and scrolling through your timeline, it looks as though faith plays a major role in your life.  How does that help you as a sports agent? 

My faith is the most important thing in my life, and without it, I would not be in the position that I am today.  It keeps me focused and humbled as I “swim through the Sports Agent Shark Tank” everyday.

6) In 100 words or less, what advice would you give aspiring sports business professionals who want to work at an agency like Relativity Sports?

I would suggest that they pursue a Bachelors of Arts degree in Management or Marketing and apply for a summer internship with Relativity Sports.  Our company has a proven track record of hiring our former interns, and it’s a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience at the best sports agency in the world.