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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (5/22/15)

Via Boris Diaw's Instagram
Via Boris Diaw’s Instagram

My not so bold pick to win the NBA Championship, the Golden State Warriors, is still looking pretty good with the Conference Finals underway. Out in the East, JR Smith’s unbelievable performance in game 1, in addition to the NBA Draft Lottery, was yet another reminder life won’t get any easier for me as a New York Knicks fan. Darren looked at some numbers behind the NBA Draft Lottery this week on FORBES: (1) The Economics Of Polo, The Sport Of Kings; (2) Miami Marlins Let Go Of Manager Mike Redmond After Multi-Year Extension; (3) Ladies European Tour Takes Edgy Approach To Growth Of Golf; (4) 2015 NBA Draft Lottery: By The Numbers.




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