The Clock Is Ticking For Michael Vick: Veteran QB Is Still On Free Agent List

Michael-Vick1Michael Vick is probably the biggest name in the current free agency pool. The 34-year-old veteran has had a turbulent career in the NFL. He has appeared in four pro bowls, holds the record as the leading rusher for quarterbacks of all time, and impressed fans during his years at Atlanta and Philadelphia.

However, Vick is no stranger to troubled times. In 2007, it was revealed that Vick was involved in a dog fighting ring. This saw the quarterback go from one of the darlings of the league to public enemy number one. The dog fighting case climaxed with Vick being sentenced to prison. He remained imprisoned for 548 days.

Upon his release, he was involved in a legal battle with his previous employers, the Atlanta Falcons, as they looked to recover some of the losses from signing the shamed quarterback.

Vick bounced back and rebuilt his career

Vick signed for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009, but re-signed to the second string. He got his break in 2010 due to regular QB, Kevin Kolb, being injured. Vick took his chance and cemented his place in the team, even earning a pro bowl spot in the same year.

He struggled to maintain this form throughout his five seasons with the Eagles, with his stats taking a huge slump towards the end of his tenure in Philadelphia.

In 2014 he signed with the New York Jets, where he had a truly poor season. The Jets did not renew his initial one-year contract, resigning Vick to the free agent list at the end of the season.

Vick’s time at the NYJs was without impact, with the Jets choosing to stick with Geno Smith as starting quarterback, at least initially, for the upcoming season. The Jets were lucky to receive a kind draw for the opening game of the season, with them being odds on at Betfair to beat the Cleveland Browns. Geno Smith always looked unlikely to lose his place to Vick, so he will be looking to cement his place in the team – a victory against the Browns would be a good place to start.

The future isn’t looking as bright for Vick

The NYJs will do just fine without Vick. He failed to make any sort of impact during his time there. In fact, this season, it will be like he was never there at all.

At nearly 35 years of age, things aren’t looking great for Vick’s career prospects. He may be one of most recognisable names on the free agents list, but given his decline in form over the years and his age, it wouldn’t be surprising if he remains without an employer.

It may be time for Vick to bow out of the NFL, just as fellow free agent Chris Ogbonnaya has done.