5 of the Biggest NFL Super Bowl Bets of All Time

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the world also invites some of the biggest gambling action.

Whether it’s just looking through all the outrageous proposition bets or following the big wagers celebrities are announcing they will make, the two weeks in between the conference championships and the Super Bowl are some of the most exciting of the year for gamblers. Many people like to flash a little cash during sports seasons, making smaller bets on sites like agen judi bola, but when the Super Bowl comes around the big spenders return in force.

Below is a list of five of the biggest (and most exciting) million dollar-or-more Super Bowl bets from the recent past.

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$1 Million – Super Bowl XLV, 2011 (Packers 31, Steelers 25)

When you’re at the top of the rap game, we suppose that any reason you have to make an insanely large bet is as good as any. That was probably going through Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman’s mind when he reportedly placed a milli on favored (-3) Green Bay in Super Bowl XLV because his pal Lil Wayne is a huge Packers fan.

As seems to be a trend (read on to see what we mean), there was no word that Birdman actually possessed the million dollar ticket other than a simple “just cashed in a milli” Tweet following the Packers win. Granted, it’s all probably pocket change to him anyway.

$1 Million ($5 million also?) – Super Bowl XLVI, 2012 (Giants 21, Patriots 17)

Presumably still feeling the high from winning massive cheddar by betting on the cheddar-heads, Birdman again made headlines the following Super Bowl when he pledged to wager $5 million on the Patriots, while also challenging any and all comers to match his bet.

The only person that answered his call was none other than fellow rap superstar 50 Cent. In no way matching the frugality suggested in his name, Fitty placed $1 million on the underdog (and eventually victorious) Giants at +2.5. There’s no word if Baby actually went ahead and wagered the $5 mil (he claims casinos wouldn’t take his bet), however if we lost that much we probably wouldn’t be talking about it either. If he’s a betting man, he may want to try some of the online casino games by going through the 918kiss register process. These games may provide some enjoyment and even a financial return if he’s lucky which could help make up for the fact that his bet wasn’t taken elsewhere.

$1 Million – Super Bowl XXIII, 1989 (49ers 20, Bengals 16)

The championship game of the 1988-89 season is remembered by most fans for the 49ers 92-yard touchdown drive led by Joe Montana in the final minutes of the game. But in gambling circles, it’s also remembered as a game that saw a $1 million bet (a sum even more unheard of then than it is now) by casino owner and gambling legend Bob Stupak.

Mr. Las Vegas, as he was more commonly known, wagered the cool million on the underdog Bengals, taking seven points from the heavily favored 49ers. It was the beginning to perhaps one of the greatest gambling years in history that anyone has ever had, as Stupak would go on to win the Super Bowl of Poker at Caesar’s Palace as well as a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker, all in the same year. Fancy a punt yourself? Whilst we’re assuming you don’t have $1 million sitting around spare, there are plenty of places online you can get your gamble on. And just remember us when you win!

$2 Million – Super Bowl XLIV, 2010 (Saints 31 vs. Colts 17)

Giving 5 points, Vegas oddsmakers were seemingly pretty confident that the Colts and Peyton Manning would win their second Super Bowl in four years. One gambling celebrity must have felt equally as confident (if not more), opting to drop $2 million on the Indy moneyline. However, the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Ivey was denied the pot this time by Drew Brees’ underdog Saints.

Ivey also reportedly lost another massive wager in the previous Super Bowl–no word if he gave up betting on Super Bowl Sunday after these two instances, but considering how much he collects in poker winnings year after year, we’re betting probably not.

$19.7 Million – Super Bowl XLVIII, 2014 (Seahawks 43, Broncos 8)

So this near $20 million wasn’t a bet per se, but it was still winnings claimed in sportsbooks after the Super Bowl. When the favored Broncos (-2) self-destructed in the 43rd edition of the game and lost 43-8 in one of the most lopsided Super Bowls ever, it was Vegas that made out big instead of the bettors, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board even estimated that it was their largest Super Bowl profit ever. But it wasn’t just the Broncos’ lackluster performance that duped wagerers, as nearly 70% of bets on the total were wagered on the under (anywhere from 47 to 50).

Additionally, even more things went Vegas’ way that night, such as only a very select number of (insane?) people successfully hitting the popular “how will the first points be scored” prop bet which ended up being a safety on the first play of the game. Even more salt in the wound is that the Super Bowl MVP, another common prop bet, ended up being a linebacker in that of Seattle’s Malcolm Smith.