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Interview With The Agent: Adrian Clark

Adrian Clark founded AC Sports Management, LLC, in 2012. Clark is a native of Dallas, TX and began representing professional athletes in 2010 at the age of 24, shortly after graduating from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi with a B.A. in Communications (PR/Media).

At age 25 Clark was certified by the National Basketball Players Association as a player agent and is also a licensed Boxing Manager and has negotiated $750,000 in purses for his clients.

In 2016, Forbes named Clark to its annual “30 under 30” list of the brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents, and change agents.

D’Bria: When did you know you wanted to pursue a career as a sports agent & how did you get started in the industry? 

Adrian: I knew in high school that I wanted to work in the same world with pro athletes. It was in college when I knew that I wanted to be a sports agent. My childhood friend growing up was CJ Miles (Indiana Pacers). Before graduating college, I called him and asked him could I move to Utah for a couple of months; you know, to learn the business and kinda intern with him. He thought the idea was cool and we moved forward. A couple of months turned into 4 years but it was an amazing experience and I’ll forever be grateful to CJ for helping me jumpstart my career in the sports world.

D’Bria: Being a young agent, what did you find to be the most challenging aspect of your career and the most rewarding? 

Adrian: The most challenging aspect was getting the parents and athletes to not see me as a “young” guy. No matter how great of a presentation I gave, the conversation always reverted back to how young I was. The most rewarding part; for me, is watching my clients be able to buy their family whatever it is they want, or need.

D’Bria: Congratulations on being named a Forbes 30 under 30 in sports honoree, how has this achievement affected your business?

Adrian: My credibility has increased significantly and multiple publications are reaching out to feature me in their magazine or site. Needless to say, more athletes are contacting me to talk about representation and me being “young” doesn’t come up!

D’Bria: Where do you see yourself and the business of boxing headed in the next 5 years? 

Adrian: I’ll be recognized as the best manager in the business. I feel with my next announcement, I’ll bring something very innovative to the table for the fighters. AC Sports Management, LLC will be the #1 in the world for representation (for athletes in combative sports).

D’Bria: What advice do you have for young professionals looking to break into the industry?

Adrian: Its not what you know… Its not who you know… Its who knows you!

D’Bria: Why did you decide to create your own agency as opposed to working for an already established agency?

Adrian: No one else saw my vision. I entertained a few companies but it was either their way, or no way; so I just went with my way! It was the best decision I could have made. A couple of times I wondered what the hell I was thinking doing this by myself but I kept walking straight like I knew exactly where I was going. I still have a lot of work to do but I would consider AC Sports Management, LLC as “almost established”.

D’Bria: You have a new book coming out, can you tell our readers what it’s about? 

Adrian: My new book is titled ‘i’ A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs. I took the ups and downs of my entrepreneurial journey and transformed those experiences into a manual to aid young entrepreneurs. I came into entrepreneurship with no investor, no mentor and no partner. I had to learn on the fly; with learning on the fly, I failed so many times. I want my book to help entrepreneurs side step the obstacles and hurdles I went through. After reading my book, entrepreneurs will be better prepared than I was for their journey.

D’Bria: If you could give the 18 year old Adrian advice in 140 characters what would it be? 
Adrian: I would tell him to always do things the right way and alert him on what it means to breach a contract. Haha! I would also tell him to began boxing ASAP! 22 year old Adrian Clark gets TKO’d at the 68th annual Golden Gloves in Corpus Christi! That wouldn’t have happened if I started boxing at 18 rather than 21.