I really enjoyed being a part of a panel on daily fantasy sports last week at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. It was a top notch event with fantastic panelists and moderators. However, I was happy to get in and out as fast as possible, as this body does not handle cold quite well. No speaking engagements this weekend, but I am off to Chicago next week to partake in another fantasy sports panel at the 26th Annual DePaul Law Review Symposium. This week on Forbes: (1) Should Jason Pierre-Paul Be Pointing His Finger At Adam Schefter?; (2) Diagnosing DraftKings’ Spread Into The United Kingdom; (3) Representing NBA Players Now Harder, More Expensive; (4) WWE Snacks On A New WrestleMania 32 Presenting Partner; (5) Cole Hamels Sues For Getting Stiffed At Victoria’s Secret Show; (6) DraftKings And FanDuel Are Playing With Fire In Florida; and (7) Where Athletes And Off-Duty PGA Golfers Play Barefoot. And as always, some stories you may have missed: