The dead of Summer has not hit South Florida. After over two years in business, we could not be busier at Heitner Legal. Quick shout out to Inside The League, a publication I love, for getting on board as a partner of Sports Agent Blog. I thought it was funny that the Daily Mail decided to cite my tweet calling out Miko Grimes (NFL defensive back Brent Grimes’ wife) for being disgusting after her commentary containing a reference to Jews. Off to Orlando tomorrow morning for a high school buddy’s wedding. Then back to the grind in (sometimes) sunny South Florida.

This week on Forbes:
(1) This Week In Sports Law: A Messi Situation, Pete Rose Rips Accuser, Donald Sterling Stiffs Lawyers;
(2) Why WME-IMG Led $4 Billion Bid For UFC;
(3) Adidas Springs A Lawsuit On Skechers For Patent Infringement; and
(4) Tom Brady Stuck With 4-Game Suspension After Federal Court Declines To Hear Case.

This week on Inc:
(1) How a Chance Meeting With Flo Rida Launched This Licensing Agency;
(2) How This Company Mastered Productivity With 2-Hour Breaks, $1 Lunches, and Midday Workouts; and
(3) How Amanda Lee Earns $5,000 Per Instagram Post.

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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