Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (9/23/2016)

Another busy week in the books. And another heart-breaker of a loss for the Miami Dolphins, a team that is 0-2 and somehow is the biggest favorite on the board this week (sure, it is the Browns, but still). I was in Las Vegas last weekend and had a quick trip to Dallas this week. With a few cases settling, travel should hopefully die down a bit, but not before I fly to St. Louis to participate in a sports business discussion at Washington University A thanks to Gclub for helping keep the lights on at Sports Agent Blog this week.

This week on Forbes:
(1) This Week In Sports Law: Derrick Rose Rape Defense, Memorabilia Fraud, NY Giants FB PED Problem;
(2) The NBA’s Six Year, $250 Million Data Deal

This week on Inc.:
(1) Why NFL Agents Are Furious With New Regulations;
(2) Why the NBA Is in a Tough Place with National Anthem Protests

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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