Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (12/30/2016)

Another year in the books. Tomorrow, Sports Agent Blog will celebrate its eleventh birthday. Isn’t that wild? A blog in 2005 was considered a personal journal managed by people sitting in their underwear typing away in their families’ basements. Today, millions and millions of page views later, this is the most respected source for sports agent information. Thanks to everyone who has supported this site (and me) throughout the years. There is no intention of ever closing the doors on this website, which continues to be a source for people interested in the sports agency industry as well as for all who already participate therein.

Last week was a fantastic vacation. This past week has been a heavy grind toward the finish line of 2016. How about the Miami Dolphins. First time to the playoffs in almost a decade. That was quite a surprise, especially after a dismal start to the season.

I wrote a quick post about business trends I foresee for 2017. Give it a read if you have a little bit of free time.

Thanks to for supporting Sports Agent Blog in this week’s wrap-up.

Happy New Year to everyone out there. Please enjoy yourselves, but be safe. There’s a lot of progress to be made in 2017!

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And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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