So the days are dwindling down as we get closer to December 23, when I am getting married. Yeah, we even have a website. I also posted a picture this past week that our marvelous photographer took during our “Engagement Shoot.” A lot goes into getting married! But before the wedding, there’s a lot more traveling to do, including two stops over the next week. First, I’m headed to Austin for my first SxSW experience. I’ll be speaking on a sports business panel (surprise, surprise). Later in the week, I’m headed to Las Vegas for an annual March trip. Let me know if you’ll be in either location! I will definitely be placing a bet on Team Israel if they’re still in the World Baseball Classic.

This week on Forbes:
(1) This Week In Sports Law: Fantasy Football Suspension, Matt Barnes Arraigned, Johnny Manziel Comeback;
(2) Cincinnati Coach Mick Cronin Sued By Sports Agency For $206,000;
(3) NFL Sponsorship Soars To $1.25 Billion, Up 4.3% Year-Over-Year; and
(4) Athleisure Shows Stability In Choppy 2016 For $87 Billion Sports Manufacturers Industry

This week on Inc.: How the Miami Dolphins Are Turning Their Players into Entrepreneurs

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:



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