Our friends at Inside The League do a great job of covering all things on the inner workings of the NFL. Including among the content delivered is a regularly updated ranking of certified Contract Advisors based on the number of players they represent who are signed to Uniform Player Contracts.

The list changes month-to-month based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to players terminating their Standard Representation Agreements, players being added and cut by teams and the point-in-time during the NFL calendar.

Inside The League just recently updated its ranking for the month of April, noting that there are ninety-two Contract Advisors with at least ten active NFL clients, but only two with over fifty.

Here is the top crust:

  1. Drew Rosenhaus (Rosenhaus Sports Representation)
  2. Todd France (Creative Artists Agency)
  3. Joel Segal (Lagardere Sports)
  4. Tom Condon (Creative Artists Agency)
  5. Brian Mackler (Sportstars)
  6. Jimmy Sexton (Creative Artists Agency)
  7. Jared Fox (Sportstars)
  8. Jon Perzley (Sportstars)

It should be noted that some of the aforementioned individuals are actually co-representing numerous players together. The NFL Players Association allows a player to choose more than a single Contract Advisor when filling out his Standard Representation Agreement