Shana Tova! May you all have a very sweet, successful and satisfying New Year. So far so good on my end. That will especially be the case if Comcast finally gets my Internet and cable working again after a very long time without it thanks to the effects of Hurricane Irma. Comcast says it will be back by the end of the day, but who knows with that company. Miami Dolphins at the top of the AFC East, as all of you predicted. Picked up the team’s defense in my fantasy leagues this year, because . . . the Jets. Miami Heat picked up a jersey patch sponsor in Ultimate Software, which is a very reputable name down here in South Florida and elsewhere. The publicly traded company has had quite the impressive growth in the past few years. Finally, no more travel for me for a little bit (hopefully), which will be nice. Then it picks up again at the end of October.

This week on Forbes:
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And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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