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Lagardère Sports and Entertainment Launches Lagardère Plus

Per a company press release, Lagardère Sports and Entertainment has launched a global sponsorship agency – Lagardère Plus.

The agency’s mission is to “transform traditional brand sponsorships into highly inventive and impactful marketing platforms,” and it incorporates Lagardère’s existing global consulting agencies in Germany (Zachel Int.) and France (Sponsorship 360). Rebranded as Lagardère Plus, it will add new strategic, creative, digital and analytics capabilities and connect clients to a variety of partnership opportunities, not just sports.

Lagardère Plus will be led by its global consulting team of Andrew N. Pierce, Global President; Jonathan Isaac, Chief Strategy Officier; Kern Egan, President, Americas; Tim Frith, Head of Consulting in the UK; Hervé Bodinier, Executive General Manager in France; Olaf Bauer, Managing Director in Germany; and Malcolm Thorpe, Vice President, Business Development in Singapore.

“From sports, music and entertainment, to culinary and cause marketing, Lagardère Plus will help brands and properties get the attention they need in a distracted world,” said Andrew Georgiou, Chief Executive Officer, Lagardère Sports and Entertainment. “As media fragmentation affects many of the marketing channels that CMOs have relied on for decades, partnership marketing becomes absolutely vital for brands to connect with their audiences. Lagardère Plus combines global expertise and experience with highly knowledgeable local teams to deliver exceptional results.”

The company has 14 offices around the globe and has an impressive client roster of brands such as: BMW, Bridgestone, Citibank, Danone, EA Sports, Epson, Hyundai, Lacoste, MetLife, MetroPCS, Veuve Clicquot and ZTE.