It’s been another wild week in the world of Florida Gators football rumors and reporting and I have again been in the thick of it. A couple things people sometimes forget: (1) I bleed orange and blue, and love my alma mater; and (2) I am not a sports agent. It’s pretty annoying that people really fail to grasp the second prong. I represent many sports agents; it would be a conflict for me to also serve in such a capacity. Also, in sports, the Dolphins continue to make me cry. Moving on. It’s less than a month until I tie the knot and get married. Pretty crazy, but I’m very excited. Then, I’m off to Africa in the beginning of January for my honeymoon, which will be part relaxing in Cape Town and part safari. I’m getting hungry just looking at some of the restaurant reservations we are making and it’s a little more than a month away!

This week on Forbes:
(1) This Week In Sports Law: NFL Against Jerry Jones, Ezekiel Elliott Ends Suit, MLB Speed Of Play;
(2) 76ers Start Selling Beef Pies With Signing Of First International Partner;
(3) League Of Legends New Partnership Model, With Warriors, Cavaliers And Rockets Teams

And as always, the weekly wrap-up: