What a terrible week with the inclusion of a school shooting at nearby Parkland high school Stoneman Douglas. My thoughts are with everyone grieving nearby. I’ll start this week’s wrap-up by republishing something I recently wrote on my LinkedIn page:

Ad Matai. I’ve been to Israel a few times in my life and always have heard soldiers state that phrase. It translates to “until when” and more loosely to “when will it be over?” For Israeli soldiers, they look forward to completing their obligation, as a byproduct of citizenship, to serve in the military. They want to get past the bloodshed and move to focusing on business, on production, on family. Today, I consider the phrase in relation to the #ParklandShooting and wonder UNTIL WHEN will we finally use our intelligence to do something about this epidemic of killing innocent civilians? Maybe it’s armed guards at schools. Perhaps it’s implementing metal detectors. It may even be making automatic weapons illegal. More focus on rehabilitating those with mental health problems is a must. We are a people who always find solutions to the most pressing problems. So when will it finally be over? Do we need another school shooting to wake up? Hopefully not. Our hearts can’t take any more of this.

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