Sports agent Happy Walters is diversifying beyond the representation of professional athletes. The CEO and Co-Founder of Catalyst Sports & Media who represents many professional basketball players including the San Antonio Spurs’ first round 2018 Draft pick Lonnie Walker is getting involved with a blockchain project.

Walters will serve as an advisor to a project called Lightstreams, led by CEO Michael Smolenski, who was previously a software engineer at Goldman Sachs. The project seeks to create a network that supports fast and secure sharing of information in a low cost and open environment.

Walters is particularly interested in the project’s application to the music industry, which is something Walters knows a bit about as the co-founder of Immortal Records in 1994.

“The music industry as a whole will be totally revolutionized by blockchain over the next few years and that is why I’m so pleased to be involved in how Lightstream pushes this vision forward. It’s clear that the protocol’s unique focus on speed and privacy when sharing content on blockchain networks is perfectly suited to the music industry,” says Walters.

Lightstreams is based in Estonia, the home of many blockchain startups and casinos.