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David Pick Quits Job As Journalist To Become A Sports Agent

Israeli journalist, David Pick is putting his reporter hat down and becoming an agent. According to HoopsHype, Pick says that he is retiring from journalism to pursue a career as an agent for overseas players. Pick has agreed to partner with Aaron Reilly and Obrad Fimic. Reilly and Fimic represent Alex Tyus and Alexey Shved.

Thoughts about a career change for the New Jersey born journalist came about towards the end of last season after Pick had a conversation with an agent with the agent telling him “You’re chasing tweets and I’m chasing money!”. Pick realized that he was tweeting about the big transactions while others were getting paid from those transactions. David Pick is 30 years old and a father of two and things are different from when he first started writing and could sacrifice because he was doing what he loved, Pick now has a family and cannot live paycheck to paycheck.

After attending NBA Summer League games last month in Las Vegas, Pick know that he does not have an in-depth knowledge of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement which is why he will focus on representing players overseas. He speaks four languages—English, French, Russian, and Hebrew and has relationships with many front office personnel within teams.

“I’m seeing all of these things and they’re adding up, adding up and adding up. Then, I decided to take a leap of faith. I’m going to try this. I’m young enough to take a chance and I’m established enough to make this happen. I have the right numbers and know the right people. I don’t know everyone, but I know my fair share – enough to feel like I can be successful at this… I’m willing to give this a few years and [risk] falling flat on my face to see if this makes sense for me.” Pick said.